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National School Nurse Day 

May 8th, 2024, is National School Nurse Day. School nurses are vital to a student’s learning process. As we know, without health and basic needs being met, learning isn’t first priority. We want our students ready to learn, and this is where a school nurse fits in.  


What does a school nurse do, and why is it important for districts to consider hiring a school nurse?   All students should have an equitable opportunity to attend school, especially based on medical needs. Nurses can manage complex health issues of students to allow them to be in a school setting. Daily tasks of a school nurse are medication administration, creating care plans, nurse/student visits, nurse/staff visits, and consultations with family and medical providers. Periodic tasks are holding vaccination clinics, providing vision screens, hearing screens, ordering supplies and training staff. Many times, a school nurse finds oneself in the position as teacher, educating students on health and safety topics, and educating staff on emergency protocols.  


School nurses are the bridge between healthcare and education. We keep our students healthy, safe, and ready to learn. If you ask a student, they may tell you that a school nurse is someone who gives you band aids, ice and crackers. Sometimes a hug is all that is needed, and who doesn’t love a hug? Please take the time to thank a school nurse on National School Nurse Day!  

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