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Dental hygienist Karey Schaff-Eisenbarth took a Community Dental Health Coordinator class and her project was to connect with BPS elementary school nurses & BPS Nurse Coordinator Kate Gartner to help students. She received a Mars Wrigley $5,000 grant through the ADHA towards oral hygiene closets in the elementary schools, and also distributed toothbrush kits (donated by NDDA, Patterson Dental, and America’s Tooth Fairy) to help start the hygiene closets for kids in need. Each school nurse got an oral hygiene educational kit from America’s Tooth Fairy and “Gross Mouth” books were donated from the ND Oral Hygiene Dept. Karey says, “School nurses have been working really hard to help screen children and get them referrals to help them find dental homes. They also took a Smiles Across America training to help learn more about the dental screening process!”

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